Herbal Astrology: Lemon Balm

Category: Herbal Astrology

Lemon Balm is a calming herb believed to aid in the relief of stress to uplift a person’s mood. For centuries this herb has been used for culinary purposes (including herbal teas), for aromatherapy, for topical applications, and for medicinal use. In addition, sprigs of Lemon Balm, often placed around homes, workspaces, and gardens, are believed to contribute peace and happiness to the environment.

According to traditional astrology, Lemon Balm is ruled by the planet Mercury; the planet of intellect. Modern astrologers associate Lemon Balm with the planet Jupiter based on its ability to uplift a person’s emotional energies. Traditionally, Lemon Balm is also associated with the zodiac sign Cancer. That is because the herb's nurturing, soothing, and comforting properties are qualities shared with the zodiac sign.

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